A beautifully situated lake, and a castle above it.

Several mountain ranges around including the Tatra Mountains in the distance – this is one of the most romantic places in the region! Czorsztyn Lake was created as a result of making a dam on the river Dunajec.

Together with the medieval Niedzica castle rising above the lagoon they make this place a real pearl of the region.

If you wish to visit the area it is best to take cruise. Stylish traditional gondolas will take you on a cruise around the lake. You can combine this trip visiting the castle in Niedzica.

lake cruise


⭐ group of 4 people  ➡ 420 PLN per person

⭐ group of 5 people  ➡ 380 PLN per person

⭐ group of 6 people  ➡ 320 PLN per person

⭐ group of 7 people  ➡ 270 PLN per person

Cruise + castle + private guide + transfer 2 ways (100 km)

  • Minimum 4 people to make the trip
  • 40 minutes round cruise
    starting spot – Niedzica (near Niedzica castle)
  • A beach and a playground for kids in the marina
  • Relaxation zone after the cruise – bar with snacks, benches & hammocks in a shaded grove