Highlander cuisine is full of unique receipes and tastes.

When you are coming to Zakopane, you just have to try our traditional dishes. To do so, you  need to visit proper places which use high quality products to serve a really delicious meals.

We also have a lot of international restaurants that offer Italian and Modern quisine. Therefore if you feel like eating  good pizza or burger – you will not be dissappointed!

Most of the good places are hidden from the popular tourists tracks. That is why we offer you a food – tasting tour to drag you into Zakopane’s best aromas and flavours .

food tasting


⭐ 1 place (2 dishes)  ➡ from 90 PLN per person

⭐ 2 places (4 dishes + drink)  ➡ from 140 PLN per person
⭐ 3 place (5 dishes+ drinks)  ➡ from 200 PLN per person
⭐ private guide  ➡ from 250 PLN for the group
  • The best restaurants , pubs & cafes in Zakopane
  • Tasting the best traditional food
  • You choose how many different places you would like to discover
  • Highlander band live!
  • Book a private concierge for the period of your tasting