One of the most entertaining way of trekking.

And for sure the most motivating way!
With a dog at your side, or rather in front of you, it will be more fun, easier and safer!

Husky dogs are used to constant movement. In the winter, they pull the dog sleds, and in summer they are happy to run ahead, especially in the company of a man 🙂

You cannot take dogs to the Polish Tatra National Park because of other wild species of animals (imagine that your dog has smelled the bear house …), but there are many places around Zakopane, where you can go for a beautiful walk with a dog fastened with a special belt to your waist.

dog trekking


⭐ adult  ➡ 180 PLN

⭐ child up to 15 y.o  ➡ 140 PLN

  • The dog trekking takes 1-1,5 hour
  • You are accompanied with the dog’s owner
  • Great activity for animal-lovers and active people
  • Beautiful trails surrounded with nature
  • The dogs are so happy when they move!
  • The dogs motivate you 🙂