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Long week-end in Zakopane without missing the best attractions! Part 2 – FAMILY OPTIONS

Coming to Zakopane with your kids? Are you searching for tips on what to do in Zakopane with children? Good! We have more than one scenario for your family long week-end in Zakopane & the Tatra Mountains.

Do not limit yourselves– there are dozens of activities that suit everyone at any age!

During many years of living away from the Tatra Mountains, we have developed a few recipes  for a successful week-end here, to have both entertainment and relaxation. We also met many families who travel with their kids and want to try as much as possible.

Check out our recommendations for FAMILY LONG WEEK-END IN ZAKOPANE


Rafting, thermal baths and Kasprowy Wierch cable car!

There are so many activities for both adults and children.  And there is nothing more satisfying than doing things together as a family J

Day 1 – Kasprowy Wierch cable car

As soon as you arrive and check in your hotel, you can take a taxi that goes to Kuźnice – a place where you will catch the mountain cable car. A 20 minutes amazing ride awaits you! If you are lucky enough, you can spot a brown bear – the most dignified animal living in the Tatra Mountains.

The journey ends on the famous Mount Kasprowy Wierch. If the weather is nice, you will watch spectacular mountain views and take dozens of the best family photos! Then another 20 minutes of ride down… here comes the adventure again!

REMEMBER always buy the cable car tickets at least three days earlierThe amount of the tickets is very limited comparing to number of people who wish to buy them.

Day 2 – Rafting & thermal baths

Let’s clarify things first – there are two forms of rafting in our region.

 1. Traditional on wooden rafts. There you sit on wooden benches and the highlander tells jokes … unfortunately in Polish. It is extremely popular within polish tourists thus it is hard to find any group conducted in English language.

2. So called “white water rafting” has a bit more adventurous character. It takes place in inflatable boats with an English-speaking instructor inside. The difficulty of this rafting in scale from 1 (the easiest)  to 5 (the most difficult) is just 1. So do not expect  a furious white river, rather pleasant paddling along with enjoying views around.

We suggest that you go for the second type of rafting. As the rafting takes place 55 km from Zakopane, you can either go there by your own car or you can use organized transfer with minivans. You can book the rafting (with or without transfer) HERE

After you come back to Zakopane, you rest a bit, eat a lot and then jump into the taxi direction Chochołów. The thermal baths with inside & outside pools is another entertainment for your family. Although it tends to be very crowded during high season, we still recommend going there. The water itself, due to many valuable minerals, has a good effect on health. And in combination with slides, jacuzzis and water massages also has a beneficial effect on good mood 🙂

Day 3 – Gubałówka & time to say goodbye.

If you have enough time before you leave, visit Gubałówka to see the panorama of Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. If you look carefully, you will see in the distance the top station on Kasprowy Wierch – the same one you visited two days ago J



Most of kids love animals! If your children love them too, you just have to combine visiting Zakopane with some animal-including activities. You can go for horse riding and dog trekking by the foot of the Tatra Mountains. You should also take a cable car to the mountains and try to spot chamois, marmot or a brown bear.

Day 1 – Kasprowy Wierch cable car

As soon as you arrive, catch a bus or taxi and go to Kuźnice, from where the cable car sets off. Watch carefully the space under the cable car – If you are lucky enough, you can spot a brown bear – he most dignified animal living in the Tatra Mountains. There are also chamois and marmots living in the area of Kasprowy Wierch.

Day 2 – Horse riding & Dog trekking

Two different activities – both of them giving so much entertainment and fulfillment! Horse riding by the foot of the Tatra Mountains is an unforgettable moment with very grateful and sensitive animals – horses. If you master the art of horse riding fast enough – you will go on terrain ride with an instructor to explore the area a bit. Teenage children can also successfully ride horses. And the youngest children will be delighted with riding on cute ponies.

After horse riding experience and a lunch,  we highly recommend that you try dog trekking. Sound weird? Well, dog trekking is a very satisfying, motivating and addictive form of walking 🙂 Dogs are so friendly and so active that they really make you want to move. Moreover, they really help you move forward faster and more efficiently without getting tired. Still sounds weird? Try it and see how it is like! If you want to get to know a bit more about this activity – check it on our website HERE 

Day 3 –  Gubałówka & time to say goodbye.

Just before you leave, take a funicular that goes to Gubałówka. Drink a coffee and take last family pictures 🙂




Is your family consists of copuple and one child and you wonder how to collect really unforgettable memories from the Tatra Mountains? You cannot walk to much but are willing to explore as much as possible within 3 days? We might have a perfect plan for you… 🙂

Day 1 – Food tasting

Depending on the time of your arrival to Zakopane, you can either take a walk through the city or plan an evening food tasting for your family. The food tasting experience allows you to try the best regional dishes in a traditional highlander restaurant. As the local specialties are also different spirits, you should definitely take a taxi there and back… 🙂 Fodd tasting experience is bookable HERE

Day 2 – Scenic Flight & Thermal baths

If the weather forecast looks good, you should definitely go for scenic flight over the Tatras! This is one of the most exciting way of discovering the area of the Tatra Mountains. On the board of the small aircraft there is a space for the pilot and 3 people. That is why the size of your family is more than ideal 🙂

If you are okay with a flight ALONG the Tatra National Park – choose 30 or 40 minutes flight. But if you really want to experience flying  ABOVE the Tatra Peaks – you  have to buy a 60-minutes flight. During this one you will fly over the Polish and Slovakian Tatras!

After full of emotions first part of the day, we recommend that you eat a lunch a spend evening in Termy Chochołowskie thermal baths. The thermal baths with inside & outside pools is a great piece of entertainment for your family. However, if you really dislike crowds, this might not be a perfect place for you and your family.

Day 3 – Kasprowy Wierch

Attraction number one for most of tourists who are coming to Zakopane. The only high-mountains cable car in Poland and the highest located restaurant in Poland magnetize simply everyone! We and we will dare to say that the cable car ride itself is enough reason to buy a ticket! Then, on the top of the mountain (if the weather is good) there are stunning views that wait for you.

Now, after Kasprowy Wierch trip, you can leave Zakopane with no remorses 🙂


Contact us! We will prepare a full, detailed plan for you!

email: tatraheroes@gmail.com

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