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From passion to profession – how we became Tatra Heroes

This is not the first blog in our lives. Last time when we were writing was when we were travelling around the world as a green-speed couple, looking for the most beautiful climbing spots and searching for meaning of life. We didn’t think we would ever write as a Tatra Heroes team. And yet, fate brings us so many unexpected options, just as it brought us the opportunity to live in the Tatras.


At the beginning, forgive us for any language mistakes. You can believe it or not, we are specialists in writing in Polish 🙂 And although we try very hard to achieve the intended results in English, we probably will not avoid minor mistakes. Nevertheless, we can assure you that we are writing from our hearts and we do not care about the great public, but only to give you a lot of useful (and real) information about Zakopane and the Tatras. But wait a minute … we were supposed to tell you how we became Tatra Heroes 🙂

Let’s go back in time for about … 10 years. At that time Andrzej became a climbing instructor, and Iga attended his classes. After few year there were no classes, but love was still in the air! Our common climbing passion and passion for many other sports have contributed to a wonderful relationship which resulted in marriage. And we got married not to be called husband and wife, but to find an excuse to go for a one-year honeymoon!

And this so called honeymoon has become a breakthrough point in our lives. It turned our brains and souls upside down. We moved out from our capital city -Warsaw to the end of the world, to the countryside near Zakopane. Penniless and without the idea of how to get those pennies, we were exploring the Tatras – we were skyrunning, climbing and skiing, falling in love with this area more and more …

Now it’s been three years since we have lived here! We do not know where exactly the idea of Tatra Heroes came from. But when the topic of organizing holidays in Zakopane sneaked into our conversations, we knew right away that it would be something we wanted to do here. We travel a lot and know how we want good tourist services to look like. We also know how hard is to find information about the activities in our region. In addition, we love to spend time between different people, learn about their culture and stories in exchange for our own experiences.

Tatra Heroes is a travel agency based on our passions and experiences. We put a lot of effort to make every holiday program professional, adventurous and unforgettable. We wish that our every Client and everyone who is working wish us feel like a Tatra Heroe too!

Follow the power of mountains!

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