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Because they are the most beautiful mountains in Poland!


In the very south of Poland there is a small town- Zakopane which we also call the Polish Chamonix 🙂

The majestic granite peaks that can be seen above the town is a view worth traveling for thousands of kilometers!


Zakopane is a highlander town, which today is a hybrid of modernity and the Gorals‘ (Polish highlanders) traditions. Right in the center, you will meet grazing sheep or traditionally dressed highlanders heading for church. At the same time, you will pass by modern apartment buildings set against the picturesque landscape


Zakopane is also the capital of sports : trekking, skiing, ski touring, running, cycling, paragliding and many others! 


Podhale region is packed with many high class hotels with wellness & SPA areas, therefore even a very demanding tourist will be satisfied with the stay.


Many places for a blissful rest let you relax in an unusual mountain climate

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